Pricing & Memberships

Regular Pricing

$15 per half hour session – Book online here. 
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Membership Packages

We are excited to offer credit packages for our members who spend a lot of time utilizing our batting cages. This allows for prepaid hours to be used at your convenience at a lower price per session.

Simply purchase a credit package and when you are ready to make a reservation, head over to our Cage Reservations Page and book the date/time for your batting cage(s). When you checkout, you will have the option to pay using your pre-paid credits.


Are you an Instructor?

We offer special pricing for instructors!

Email us at: to access our special instructor membership packages.

Membership Prices

Individual members can purchase credit packages in advance and use the credits to reserve half-hour blocks of cage time at their convenience.

The cost per credit is $10. Credits expire after 90 days.

1 Credit = 1/2 Hour of cage time

10 Credits / 5 Hours

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20 Credits / 10 Hours

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30 Credits / 15 Hours
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50 Credits / 25 Hours
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